Artemisian Decree

The New AmazoNation Statement of Purpose

We call upon Artemis to lead us in the birth of Her Amazon Nation so that the souls of Her Amazons be set free to rise from the realms of Forgetfulness, to teach us in song and vision.

We ask our ancestral Amazon Sisters to bless those that read this statement that they may be guided in strength, wisdom and love.  As the land remembers our dances and the wind remembers our songs, so will our kindred recall the ancient calling and the world will rejoice in finding her Goddess-daughters again.
 We thank Artemis for Her protection as we rebuild the Nation with Her guidance.
What we do...we do for all.

For Artemis

We invoke the ``Holy Maiden Huntress''
to learn to embody the qualities of Woman
Whole Unto Herself.

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